Hey there. Great you landed here. Long things short, here are some details for the photo competition of ISSUE I:

As we would love to see your interpratation of a photo story, we don’t want to give you a specific topic or any other form of limitation. The magazine will develop with each and every contibution and we want to keep it this way. It’s pretty simple: Just tell a story you think needs to be told!

There a a few things to keep in mind:

  • digital or analog photography possible (if analog, scans should have a size of 3000 x 2000pixel andscape or 2000 x 3000pixel portrait

  • a selection of >10 photos will make the story design and layout a lot easier

  • photos must have at least 12MP (300dpi)

  • keep in mind that the magazine format is 1×1 and for layout purposes, the subject sometimes needs to be out of center (see image 1)

  • don’t put yourself in danger and have a good time shooting 🙂


  • the winning photo series will be published in 48/17 magazine issue II

Photography itself is great for storytelling. If there are things that people should potentially read about the photo/story/person/… you should definately let us know.

Your submission is only valid by filling out the form at the very end.
For your data upload we recommend to use WeTransfer. Website or Dropbox links are also fine.
if you have any other questions, please contact us via Email: brakeless@4817mag.com

Massive thanks to VECHTER BIKES and FTW Crew for the pizes!

deadline: 31.03.2022 12:00 MET